Friday, July 22, 2011

If Only

If I had your loving Boo, I wouldn't let it go, 
If I had your secrets babe, I wouldn't let em' show, 
And when I hold your hand I can see your pupils glow,
In just this little time, I can see our future grow..


I've been searching for the truth so I walk the city streets,
Weaving through the homeless, past the weirdos and the creeps..

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Love You

I love you for your beauty, I love you for your brains,
I'll love you when it snows, I'll love you when it rains,

I love you when it's hot, I love you when it's cold,
I'll love you when you're young, I'll love you when you're old.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Passing Time

Poems are really nice; they portray just how I'm feeling, 
They show what's in my heart from it's floors up to it's ceiling,

I've found these people in my life, that mean the most to me, 
They taught me all these lessons & how it's supposed to be, 

I'm learning from their words, & when my idols move in silence,
And though the torch will pass I know their legacy will be timeless.


I finished up my school with a couple goals in mind,
I tried to write some songs but I just never found the time,
Instead I got a job and they see me how I am trying,
And now I'm waiting on a raise like, "I hope I'm next in line,"

Where is all the love? As I start to lose my patience,
Friendship is a term where it's definition changes,
Friends will turn their back, I'm sure intentions never blatant,
I wonder if their attitude would change if we were famous.

I get this tunnel vision where I only see the future,
When it's apparent in the present all I am is a loser,
You can be my student, maybe I can be your tutor,
Pick you up and put you back together like a suture..

Believe in Yourself

So, tell me what it's like, to live up to you're dreams, 
When you know just who you are then they tell you what to be, 
Forget about my critics, I'm just focusing on me, 
My life is like a movie, I'm just living scene to scene.

I'm Sticking to my visions, not living in the past, 
I've seen enough to know how to make a future last, 
I know that its a problem that I want my future fast, 
So I need to slow it down before I see my future crash. 

Wherever you end up is ALWAYS up to you, 
Don't ever let them tell you what you can or cannot do, 
I believed in all my talents, was the only one that knew, 
To get me to these places my imagination drew.